About Kerry Sokalsky

The President and Founder of Presales Mastery, Kerry has over 17 years of presales and sales enablement leadership experience at both dynamic software startups and Fortune 50 firms. Kerry founded Presales Mastery to address the need for personalized demo enablement through one-on-one coaching that pre-packaged training programs can’t deliver.

Kerry is an accomplished demo coach, bringing his clients both first-hand demo experience, having delivered over 1,000 custom enterprise demos over his career, along with a breadth of management and enablement perspectives, having worked with dozens of presales organizations across the globe to improve their teams’ demo delivery and execution.

Kerry is also the the Co-Founder of Sales Engineers of Toronto (SETO), a chapter of SE Nation – the premier community for current and aspiring presales leaders and professionals in the Toronto area.  SETO was formed to connect individuals with similar professional backgrounds and provide them with a platform to learn from each other, network with their current and future colleagues and form a close-knit community that thrives on collaboration and mentorship.

About Presales Mastery

Presales Mastery is a demo performance coaching organization for B2B software organizations.  Demos are arguably the most important technical sales motion influencing selected vendor status, but they require a unique set of communication, presentation, technical, interpersonal, sales and consultative skills to truly excel, not to mention domain and product expertise.  With so many variables in play, it can takes years for sales engineers to become experts, a luxury of time that most organizations don’t possess.

Presales Mastery accelerates demo proficiency by coaching individuals on their in-the-wild behavior – using call coaching software to provide feedback on recorded demos delivered to prospects and clients.  A combination of feedback mechanisms, including a proprietary 95-metric Demo Performance Best Practices Framework, tracks the coaching effectiveness individually and across the team using clear and measurable data points.  For more information, please visit www.presalesmastery.com.


About Chris White

Chris White is the Founder and CEO of Tech Sales Advisors.  He is well known in the presales community for the book he published in 2019 called The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers.

Like many sales engineers, Chris began his career as a software developer in the early 90’s. He spent 15 years as an IT consultant before entering presales in 2005.  After five years in the field, he moved into leadership and successfully ran presales teams, until a brief stint in the field as an Account Executive.  In 2018, he found his true passion in Sales Enablement and launched the business in March 2020.

Chris is a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator, and trainer in the presales industry.  Having given and/or observed literally hundreds, if not thousands of software demonstrations during his career, he openly shares his experience with others and tells countless stories from the field.  Because he has experience in both sales and presales, he understands both sides of the equation and speaks from a platform of empathy, respect, and neutrality.

He is the host of Tech Sales Advice, a LinkedIn Live program for presales leaders and professionals.  For more information, see #techsalesadvice on LinkedIn.  He is also the founder of DemoDoctor.com, an online training platform for individuals new to the presales profession.  For more information on individual, self-guided online training, go to www.demodoctor.com.

About Tech Sales Advisors

Tech Sales Advisors is a training and enablement organization for software sales and presales organizations.  Their programs are based on the Six Habits framework Chris wrote about in the book.  They offer training programs for presales teams and software sales professionals.  Their flagship program – Team Sales Training – is a one-of-a-kind team selling program that brings AEs and SEs together to build trust, collaboration, and functional velocity through the middle of the funnel.  Based on a philosophy called “Other-Centered Selling”, sales and presales teams develop skills that elevate all aspects of the customer journey.  For more information, go to www.techsalesadvisors.com.


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