Get Detailed Vendor Functional Comparisons

In the process of researching this report, we compiled additional information not included in the Guide, including detailed functional comparisons by vendor.

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Buying is Complicated, Let Us Help

We offer a set of advisory services to help buyers make more information when evaluating presales solutions.

From a phone consult to learn more about which focus areas and vendors to consider, to turn-key evaluation management services, we can help simplify and shorten your buying process, while reducing the risk of selecting the wrong vendor.

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Cite, quote or re-use portions of the Presales Buyer’s Guide

Want to use the portions of the Presales Buyer’s Guide on your website or in your marketing collateral?  Contact us to license the use of quotes, infographics, and Vendor Profiles.

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Co-Marketing Opportunities

Kerry & Chris are available for co-marketing opportunities where they will discuss the report, or portions thereof. Please note that in order to maintain impartiality, we will not discuss specific vendors in co-marketing opportunities.

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Want to improve Your Positioning, Messaging, Demo Execution?

Kerry & Chris have delivered and seen thousands of demos over their careers and spend the majority of their time helping technical sellers and organizations improve how they communicate and demo their solutions.

We are available to provide feedback on go-to-market strategies and motions, positioning and messaging, demo execution and feedback, demo model feedback, and product gap advisory services (better understand where your solution is gapped to the rest of the market.)

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New to the Presales Solutions Market?  Want to be included in the Presales Buyer’s Guide?

Our aim is to make this guide as comprehensive as possible.  It’s part of the reason that we don’t charge vendors to participate.  Because the guide is web-based, we have the ability to add new vendors as we become aware of them.  If you aren’t already in the report, but would like to be, we’d love to hear from you.

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